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Finally, a way to stop people from texting while driving

February 22, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

OrigoSafe literally prevents drivers – and commercial truckers –  from texting behind the wheel


Cell phones and distracted driving are causing horrific car and truck accidents every single day.  And every single day, people are dying and being terribly injured because people can’t stop themselves from texting while driving.

I recently wrote about a terrible Arizona crash involving a truck driver who was allegedly surfing photos of scantily clad women Facebook on his cell phone, and  barreled into a line of emergency vehicles, killing an innocent police officer (full disclosure: I am very close friends with the attorney who is representing the estate in this case, and have also consulted with him on it).

And in my own cases, I’ve seen the havoc that cell phones can cause. In one, a trucker dropped his cell phone while he was driving a giant semi-truck on I-94, and as he was reaching to down to pick it up, his truck collided into a car with such force that it sheared the car in two – causing the car driver to lose both of his legs in a traumatic amputation.

And then there are the car accidents I see every day in my legal practice. The ones that the attorneys in my own office are involved in, and which I could relay story upon story of drivers — especially teen drivers — losing their lives or killing and injuring others in crashes caused by texting and  driving.

In Michigan, as in almost all other states, texting while driving is against the law. And truck drivers throughout the country are now prohibited from using cell phones while driving.

But everyone is still doing it.  Just get on the road and look around you and you will see it.

New device prevents cars and trucks from starting until cell phone is mounted and locked in center cab

But a new device may finally stop  car accidents caused by drivers who just can’t bring themselves to stop texting when they are driving.

A small tech start-up based in Virginia called Origo has developed the “OrigoSafe,”  which is an ignition interlock system that prevents manual texting while driving.

The first device of its kind, OrigoSafe draws inspiration from Breathalyzer locks in cars.

Similarly, a dock is mounted within the cab of a commercial truck or other automobile, and the vehicle will not start until the cell phone is mounted within the dock. Once mounted, cell phone will only function using Bluetooth.

The OrigoSafe has been very popular among commercial trucking companies as well as with parents looking to protect their teenage drivers. About 2,000 devices have been sold since they hit the assembly line in May.

For family use, the ORIGOSafe is available for $399 including installation, and is compatible with any car.

This is a revolutionary device. It  will undoubtedly prevent car crashes and promises to save thousands of lives.

I hope  in a few short years that  automobile manufacturers will install OrigoSafe in the cab of every car and commercial truck in the U.S.

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