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February 21, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

Attorney Steven Gursten speaking at  Florida Justice Association Workhorse MegaSeminar

Florida Justice Association Workhorse Seminar

Today I’ll  be speaking at the Florida Justice Association Workhorse Seminar.

This is Part 2 of my speech from two years ago (I was in trial last year).  I will be teaching personal injury lawyers how to get better injury settlements and better results for clients. My topic is also based on offering fantastic client service, as lawyers are notorious for not returning phone calls and not having good client communication.

Mostly, I want to teach lawyers that it is possible to help people, thrive financially, have a great culture and happy law firm, and all without having to rely on television advertising and billboards.

I’ll start by giving some new tips on how attorneys can  get higher settlements for injured clients. For example, I will cover how personal injury lawyers can deal with the computer claims software programs (Colossus, for one) that are commonly used by the insurance industry adjusters to evaluate – and low-ball – auto accident injury lawsuits.

I’ll also discuss how to manage your law firms using effective methods that do not include the old standby of television advertising and billboards. Churning and burning cases in volume is out. Settlement mills are out.  Offering “Nordstrom” quality client service is definitely in.

Some issues I will cover include:

    • How to win the battle for clients when they’re interviewing multiple attorneys;
    • The importance of happy clients;
    • Developing your law firm website so it educates potential clients and tells them who you really are and how you’re different from all the other lawyers out there;
    • How to better document your cases to reach faster settlements for your clients.

Remember, there’s no shortcut to all of the hard work that goes into protecting your clients and doing things the right way. Sadly, I’ve never found a substitute for putting in lots of hours. But we are entrusted with helping people,  and it’s a huge responsibility.

If you are looking for shortcuts or magic bullets, then you can never offer topnotch legal services or get great results for the people you help. There are no shortcuts or magic bullets. And they don’t lead to success. Shortcuts lead to unhappy clients and compromises on the value of your cases.

The Workhorse Seminar will also include sessions on the following:

  • Product Liability, Litigation, Trials and Case Recognition
  • Proof and Argument of Unique and Essential Aspects of Damages in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases
  • Premises Liability
  • Overcoming Liability and Causation
  • Obstacles in Minimal Impact Auto Collision Cases
  • Debunking Defense Medical Examiners
  • Understanding How Voir Dire Techniques and Strategies of Just 36 Months Ago Are Obsolete

The seminar runs February 18-21 in Orlando, Florida.

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