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How to make your own life-saving, emergency winter car kit

February 19, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

This winter has just been brutal.  In Michigan, where I practice law, we’ve already surpassed records in snow accumulations and frigid temperatures.

The winter storm that debilitated Atlanta and Charlotte –  leaving hundreds stranded on gridlocked roads  – caused me to write about what to do if you get struck in your car during a bad snowstorm.

In response to my blog, I was asked what exactly should go into an emergency kit that people can keep in their car.  So  I’d like to share some good ideas of what  you can include in your car emergency kit if you get stranded in a horrible winter storm. Keep the kit in your trunk, so you’re always prepared and safe.

  1. Blankets and warm clothing;
  2. Flares;
  3. Medical first-aid kit;
  4. Flashlight;
  5. Jumper cables;
  6. Bottled water and snacks;
  7. Windshield washer solvent;
  8. Shovel;
  9. Candles and waterproof matches;
  10. Snow brush/ice scraper;
  11. Battery powered cell phone charger and/or emergency radio;
  12. Jumper cables;
  13. Carpet strips, cat litter or sand – to help for traction if you’re stuck;
  14. Multi-purpose pocket knife.

If you don’t want to take the time to put together your own kit, there are several available online, like this 42-piece emergency road assistance kit by AAA.

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