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Gov. Rick Snyder for president?!

February 3, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

Gov. Rick Snyder

Was anyone else a bit confused by Gov. Rick Snyder’s Superbowl commercial last night, that opens with what appears to be Snyder wearing a scuba suit?  In Michigan?

Well, it looks like Snyder’s spin machine has been working over time. Recent published reports are saying that GOP members are pushing the idea of Snyder as a Republican presidential candidate in 2016.

According to an article on USA Today, “Some in GOP float idea of Rick Snyder presidency,” Prime Policy Group Chairman Charlie Black, a veteran adviser to Republican presidential candidates, said Gov. Rick Snyder might have what it takes to move to the national stage.

Since then, Snyder’s role in the Detroit bankruptcy has raised his national profile, as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (who is viewed as a moderate Republican presidential front-runner) has become wrapped up in a potentially disabling scandal.

Snyder has been taking advantage of  Christie’s likely demise by speaking out on the federal immigration issue and calling for a federal balanced budget amendment in his State of the State address (where he conveniently failed to mentioned his devastating proposal to dismantle Michigan’s No Fault insurance system).

While Snyder portrays himself to be “one tough nerd” who’s a business- minded individual set to aid Michigan, he has done very little to get the numbers before agreeing to push for No Fault insurance reform. These numbers include how profitable auto insurance companies are in Michigan and how much money is in the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Fund, which is the fund that covers injury claims for car accident victims exceeding $500,000.

Michigan’s No Fault laws provide invaluable medical care to people seriously injured in automobile accidents. Insurance companies would like to push many of these costs to taxpayers by limiting medical care provided by No Fault.

Failing to get the numbers is serious cause for concern. And the greatest issue our attorneys’ have with Gov. Snyder is his proposal for No Fault “reform” in Michigan, at the behest of the deep-pocketed insurance industry. Snyder is pushing hard for measures like HB 4612, which would drastically change our 40-year-old No Fault insurance system by capping necessary medical benefits and leaving injured crash victims without the care they need to recover.  This would also leave the tax payers footing the bill by putting the financial burden on Medicaid – instead of with the insurance industry that’s charged to provide the coverage in the first place.

This is something our lawyers frequently write about, as it would absolutely devastate our clients and thousands of innocent people who are catastrophically injured in auto accidents.

No Fault “reform” is a prime example of Snyder putting the profits of a big special interest over what’s best for the people of Michigan.

So we want to know, how could Gov. Snyder be president of the United States, if he can’t even say no to a powerful special interest group, and when he refuses to even get the numbers and the facts on insurance company profit margins and just how much money is in the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association?

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