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Can an injured Michigan resident recover No Fault PIP benefits after an out-of-state auto accident?

November 27, 2013 by Steven M. Gursten

Attorney explains how location and insurance coverage  determine whether No Fault benefits are available when a car accident occurs in another state

Michigan no fault benefits out of state accident

Ah, Pure Michigan. It’s a wonderful state. And we also have the best insurance coverage in the nation.

But Michigan isn’t always wonderful. I’m thinking of the “arctic air blast” and the 20 degree weather we just had last weekend.  And so Michiganders also become “snow birds” and like to venture outside the great mitten state from time to time.

Unfortunately, those adventures sometimes result in car or truck accidents in other states. When that happens, and when  Michigan residents are seriously injured and in desperate need of medical care, lost wage reimbursement and help with household chores and tasks, being able to recover Michigan No Fault becomes very important.

The question is how?

As a Michigan resident, can I collect No Fault benefits after being injured in an out-of-state car or truck accident?

Luckily, the answer is often “Yes,”  as long as certain statutory requirements are met.

According to MCL 500.3111:

The accident must have occurred “within the United States, its territories and possessions or in Canada …”


The “person whose injury is the basis of the claim was at the time of the accident” covered by her own Michigan No Fault auto insurance policy or her spouse’s policy or the policy of “a resident relative” of hers or her spouse’s.


The “person whose injury is the basis of the claim was at the time of the accident” was “an occupant of a vehicle involved in the accident” and the vehicle was covered by a Michigan No Fault auto insurance policy.

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