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Michigan Auto Law Attorney Brandon Hewitt shares real examples of distracted driving car accidents with Grand Rapids students at Byron Center

The message to teen drivers in West Michigan: “Distracted driving car accidents can happen to you.”

Brandon Hewitt is a Grand Rapids native who became a successful lawyer. He works primarily in the law firm’s Grand Rapids office and helps many West Michigan clients injured in car accidents – many caused by texting and driving.  And now Brandon is  using his own legal experience to teach local high school students about the dangers of distracted driving.

Brandon speaks at many high schools and middle schools throughout Michigan. He has played a huge part in Michigan Auto Law’s Distracted Driving Safety Awareness campaign over the last couple of years. Brandon wants students to understand that they’re not  immune or exempt from car accidents when they engage in dangerous distracted driving behaviors like texting while behind the wheel.

He tells them, “Distracted driving car accidents can happen to you.”

In fact, teens are more likely to use cell phones while driving, and they’re more likely to be injured or killed in car crashes caused by distracted driving, according to the National Safety Council.

On Thursday, Brandon spoke to high school students aged 14 to 17 at the Byron Center in Grand Rapids.

Here are some photos from his visit:

Attorney Brandon Hewitt speaks on distracted driving at the Byron Center in Grand RapidsAttorney Brandon Hewitt speaks on distracted driving at the Byron Center in Grand RapidsAttorney Brandon Hewitt speaks on distracted driving at the Byron Center in Grand Rapids

Brandon shared important, life-saving safety tips with the student drivers. He also covered driving under the influence and reviewed Michigan’s texting law. Did you know that under Kelsey’s Law in Michigan, there’s a cell phone ban for all teen drivers? See: Kelsey’s Law, cell phone ban for teen drivers: passed.

Here are some additional points Brandon covered with the Grand Rapids students:

Graphics: 13 dangerous distractions that cause teen car accidents

5 tips to reduce car accidents caused by teen drivers

How buzzed driving is drunk driving

As I mentioned above, Michigan Auto Law has recently opened a new downtown Grand Rapids law office location to better serve our clients and auto accident victims from around West Michigan.

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