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On video: “I killed a man,” admits drunk driver who caused deadly car accident

October 2, 2013 by Steven M. Gursten

Today I want to share a powerful video about drinking and driving, telling the truth, and facing consequences.

This is Matthew Cordle, a young man who had a drinking problem and hit and killed another man named Vincent Canzani in a June 2013 car accident. He was drunk driving.

Matthew’s video is his confession, despite advice from several attorneys that he should allegedly lie to get a reduced sentence. But Matthew says he refuses to lie, in order to honor Vincent’s memory. He also was compelled to pass along his message to viewers, begging them not to drink and drive and “make excuses about a decision that you know is wrong, and that could cost lives.”

Note: It appeared this man’s defense attorneys advised him to lie about his drinking and driving and what happened the night of the fatal car accident. Remember that it’s always best to tell your attorney the truth.

And a good, ethical attorney should never ask you to lie in the midst of a car accident lawsuit.

As an attorney who has handled car accidents and who has seen firsthand many such tragic crashes due to drunk drivers, I believe Matthew should be held accountable for drinking and driving  – and for killing a man. But I also commend him on his honesty.  His desire to take responsibility and share his own story to help others is admirable.

Matthew ends the video by saying it’s too late for Vincent and for himself, but his viewers can still prevent such horrific tragedies by not drinking and driving.

Make the promise to never drink and drive.

We send our condolences to Vincent Canzani’s family.


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