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Detroit Lions v. Chicago Bears for charity!


Today, our Detroit Lions take on the Chicago Bears. A close friend of mine, Ken Levinson, who is also considered one of the nation’s best child injury attorneys, happens to be a Bears fan. Great attorney, but no accounting for taste in sports teams.

In the spirit of great sporting rivalries, and also fulfilling both our goals of promoting safety and injury prevention, we decided after years of ribbing each other to make a little wager this Sunday.  If our Lions beat “Da Bears,” Ken will make a donation to my chosen charity, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If, on the off-chance that the Bears overpower the Lions, I will make a donation to Kid’s in Danger. While our teams might be going head-to-head, in the end this is a win for everyone and for a great cause.

And even though I’ll be happy that a worthy charity is benefiting either way, I’ve still got to say, “GO LIONS!”

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