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HB 4612 will slash benefits for future injured auto accident victims

August 3, 2013 by Steven M. Gursten

Remember No Fault “reform” will leave car crash victims without critical medical care, even though your insurance industry mass mailing says otherwise

Medical benefits reduced under HB 4612

Our week is wrapping up with a continuation of our series on the mass propaganda mailing that Michigan drivers have recently received from the auto insurance industry, which is pushing hard for No Fault “reform.”

This week and next week, our attorneys are reviewing the arguments in this mailing, which are either completely untrue or misleading, in a series of blog posts called 7 reasons why this auto No Fault “reform” junk mail is trash.

According to its junk mail, the auto insurance industry’s plan is: “No changes in benefits for those currently receiving catastrophic care.”

Again, not surprisingly, the junk mail fails to mention whose benefits will be changed and in a drastic, detrimental way: future catastrophic injury victims.

Under the No Fault “reforms” proposed in House Bill 4612, which is currently pending in the Michigan House of Representatives, future catastrophically injured car accident victims will be forced to contend with the following reductions and changes to their No Fault medical benefits (Page numbers refer to pages of HB 4612):

  • Permanent elimination of guarantee of reasonably necessary and reasonably priced, lifetime No Fault medical benefits, and imposition of cap on No Fault medical benefits. (Pg. 32)
  • New, unprecedented, permanent, inconsistent and extremely restrictive eligibility standard for No Fault medical and allowable expense benefits. (Pg. 32, 35-37)
  • New, unprecedented and permanent limitations on No Fault rehabilitation benefits. (Pg. 36)
  • New, unprecedented and permanent limitations on No Fault attendant care benefits. (Pg. 38-39)
  • New, unprecedented and permanent limitations on medical fees and charges for allowable expenses. (Pg. 46-47)
  • New, unprecedented and permanent restrictions on an auto accident victim’s ability to challenge an insurer’s denial of No Fault benefits. (Pg. 35-36)
  • New, unprecedented and permanent restrictions barring claims processing evidence at a trial to recover No Fault benefits. (Pg. 45)
  • Unprecedented and permanent denial of auto accident victims’ right to trial by jury. (Pg. 47)

Yesterday, we discussed 4 reasons No Fault “reform” won’t save drivers money. And Monday our lawyers will be covering the very expensive, dirty, multi-million dollar secret of No Fault “reform.”

For more information on the proposed No Fault changes, take a look at our “Auto Insurance Consumers Guide to No Fault Reform.”

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