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Study shows distrust of insurance industry, Michigan No Fault reform

July 11, 2013 by Steven M. Gursten

CPAN reports consumers oppose trading lifetime medical care  for one year of “savings,” shifting costs to taxpayers

CPAN study shows public distrust of nofault reform

When Michigan consumers were asked if they “trust the insurance industry to propose auto insurance reforms that good for the people of Michigan,” consumers answered with a resounding “No.”

According to the results of a recent consumer survey sponsored by the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN), 83.5% of survey respondents said they did not trust Michigan’s auto insurance industry to act in their best interests.

The study also yielded the following significant results:

  • 87.9% of consumers “don’t support” reforming Michigan’s auto No Fault insurance system which “could shift millions of dollars in costs onto taxpayers.”
  • 83.2% of consumers believe that “saving $10/month for 1 year … is not worth … losing [their] right to receive lifetime care if [they’re] in a catastrophic auto accident.”

As CPAN’s press release stated: In light of the survey results, “Michigan lawmakers may want to rethink proposed auto insurance reforms during the summer legislative break.”

CPAN President John Cornack concluded:

“Michigan drivers understand that we have very good system for caring for seriously injured people… And it’s clear they would need to see real and lasting savings if they were to accept changes like those being proposed by the insurance industry.”

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