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Lawyer Steven Gursten editorial: Stopping “ambulance chasing” lawyers

July 8, 2013 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan Lawyers Weekly features article by lawyer Steven Gursten on halting attorney solicitation with HB 4770-71

Lawyer Steven M. Gursten, head of Michigan Auto Law, has been speaking out against the unscrupulous practice of attorney solicitation.

Michigan Lawyers Weekly recently featured an article by Gursten on why stopping attorney solicitation is an important safety issue for all Michigan residents.

Said Gursten: “Accident victims and their families deserve to be protected against intrusive and insensitive attorney solicitation letters. These letters start arriving almost immediately after a family member has been involved in a car accident. These letters are increasingly being accompanied by aggressive phone calls and even by people knocking on the door.”

Attorney solicitation refers to an intrusive practice by injury lawyers trying to drum up business. They do so by looking up crash reports of accident victims, and then calling them, mailing them solicitation packages, and even having front organizations that they create ring their doorbells to get around laws that prohibit such actions.

Currently, there are proposed House Bills, HB 4770-71, that would make contacting crash victims illegal for injury attorneys and other groups within the first 30 days of an accident, and they carry some harsh penalties. In his letter, Gursten stresses the importance of these laws in protecting crash victims.

Here is Gursten’s full article in Michigan Lawyers Weekly: Stopping ‘ambulance-chasing’ lawyers is an issue that everyone should support


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