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Infographic: Our lawyer picks for the 7 worst auto insurance companies

As insurance lawyers, we get asked a lot  about which insurance companies we think people should stay away from.

If you want to learn more about why each of the automobile insurance companies below were selected, you can read more in our Attorneys’ Guide to the Best Auto Insurance Companies and in our blog posts about the auto insurance companies that we see treating  people the worst.

Here is a  graphic on our picks for the worst insurance companies.

Worst insurance companies infographic
Courtesy of: Michigan Auto Law

This list is based upon our own personal experiences as lawyers who see first-hand how these insurance companies treat people when they’re the most vulnerable – after a car accident and when they most need  insurance.

Our insurance lawyers evaluated the top 10 largest auto insurance companies in Michigan, and a number of other large auto insurers.

If you have an auto insurance company that you think should be added to this list, we’d like to hear about it.  You can write about your own experiences on our forum.

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