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Michigan House panel votes to end unlimited medical benefits for auto accident victims

Michigan House Insurance Committee approves HB 4612

On Thursday, the Republican-controlled House Insurance Committee approved HB 4612, which would make sweeping changes to Michigan’s No Fault law and specifically, it’s currently unlimited, lifetime medical benefits for auto accident victims.

The committee approved capping No Fault medical benefits at $1 million and $250,000 for injured motorcyclists.

The committee also passed four amendments to HB 4612. All five amendments passed, making the following changes to the bill:

  • Removed the $50,000 cap on vehicle and home modifications.
  • Removed the 7 year limit on home modifications.
  • Removed the 16 hour limit on home care by agencies.
  • Ensured that consumers will receive a $125 rate reduction, but only in the first year of the law.

But these four amendments are meaningless, as anyone who needs home modifications and vehicle modifications is most assuredly past the $1 million cap on No Fault medical benefits already.

Now HB 4612 will  head to the House floor.

This legislation would be devastating to auto accident victims. For more information, check out our recent blog on HB 4612 and how it would affect auto accident victims in Michigan.

Visit our Michigan No Fault Insurance Reform Resource Center for more information, and the latest legal updates and analysis.

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