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8 things we wish Gov. Rick Snyder would say on No-Fault reform in Michigan

Watch this Slideshare presentation of real reforms that could reduce the price of auto insurance and preserve No-Fault now

Gov. Rick SnyderI recently wrote an open letter to Gov. Rick Snyder after his January State of the State address, where he spoke of reforming Michigan’s No-Fault auto insurance system in order to reduce the  costs. Snyder called for “thoughtful” reforms.

For more information, click here to read a comprehensive analysis of Michigan No Fault reform and the latest developments.

Below are some “thoughtful” reforms that we wish Snyder would adopt.  If he did so, we believe the price of auto insurance could drop considerably, while the benefits of our outstanding No-Fault insurance system could be preserved. These reforms are not on the insurance industry’s wish list of ways to maximize their own profits.  Rather, they are the result of what our own attorneys see every day.

We believe the following real reforms would lower the cost of auto insurance and better protect drivers and residents:

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Michigan No-Fault is valuable, just ask IIM exec director Pete Kuhnmuench


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