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Home modifications for disabilities after a car accident

December 19, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

How Michigan Auto Law helped an amputee get an accessible, comfortable home

Michigan No-Fault home modificationsI would like to share this testimonial from a client of ours, Carol Burkard. Carol is a car accident survivor from White Lake. After her car crash, her leg injuries were so severe that she had to have her leg amputated.

Because of the amputation, Carol requires a wheelchair. But her home was not wheelchair accessible and she couldn’t get around at all.

Here’s what Carol had to say about how her attorney helped her regain her freedom and independence with home modifications.

“As an accident victim, I had to have my leg amputated and I was in bad shape overall. My body was just crushed in the accident. But my lawyer from Michigan Auto Law was a light in that horrible experience. He couldn’t have been more helpful to me and the situation I was in. He worked so hard on my case. He didn’t give up and settle for something small. I ended up for an entire home modification to accommodate my disabilities, not just a new bathroom and a ramp. Every morning when I wake up, I just cannot tell you what  blessing it’s been in my life to have my house restored to where I could use 100 percent of it. We worked with a very stubborn insurance company but my attorney wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. He couldn’t have been kinder, he couldn’t have been nicer. He kept his cool all the time and always reassured me. Working with Michigan Auto Law was the sweetest, most wonderful experience. My lawyer told me that my quality of life should be back to as close as to what it was before my accident. I got that from Michigan Auto Law and I will never forget it.”

Home modifications are changes to a Michigan auto accident victim’s home or living space that accommodate the victim’s accident-related physical, mental or functional limitations and, thus, permit the victim to live and move about freely.

For auto accident victims with very serious injuries, home modifications like Carol’s are covered under the Michigan No-Fault Law. They are considered a medical expense under the law.

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