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Car accidents in construction zones

Construction zones are dangerous to more than just construction workers – why car accidents are more likely and more hazardous

WNEM Saginaw TV news recently interviewed me for a story on the dangers of construction zones, and in particular, how construction zones can cause a car accident. I was interviewed by reporter Craig McMorris, and I was able to introduce  him to my own client, Angela Haynes, who was rear-ended last year in a horrible construction zone car accident that nearly killed her.

Craig wanted to know why construction zones cause so many car accidents, and if the Michigan law for driving in construction zones is really as safe and effective as it could be.

I told him that, believe it or not, more motorists are injured in highway construction accidents than construction workers.  This is because most drivers are not good at judging speed of other cars on the road.  We judge speed based upon gaps, and this causes other motorists to abruptly slow down and stop when the orange cones appear.  That gap distance between cars disappears much faster than drivers expect, and they are unable to slow down in time without smashing into the car in front of them, if the driver behind has not been paying attention or has been speeding.

Here’s the WNEM news story featuring me and my brave and wonderful client, Angela Haynes:

As I said in the video, drivers approaching a construction zone might think a car ahead of them within the construction zone is going the same speed. But if it’s going slower (and construction zones have 45 mile an hour  speed limits) this makes the likelihood of a car accident skyrocket.

Here’s a look at our 7 tips to driving safe in construction zones.

Here’s another blog about the Michigan work zone construction law.

Please watch out for the orange cones, slow down and be extra vigilant of drivers around you in construction zones.

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