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Interviews with police after a truck accident

November 13, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

Why it’s important for attorneys to review the police investigation for errors as soon as possible

This is the sixth installment in my series of blog posts on tips for lawyers who help people injured and killed by commercial motor vehicles. It comes from a case I am in trial on right now, where after an unsafe trucker ran over and killed a man in a ghastly way. And the trucking company had him sit down with  lawyers before he would even talk to the police.

They then crafted a “defense” version of what happened, and if not for several eyewitnesses, they may have even gotten away with it.  But after killing the best evidence, they did their best to then blame the man they had killed.

Today’s post is short and sweet, but the tip is more important than ever.

After a truck accident, you must review the police investigation for errors as quickly as possible, before evidence is destroyed and before eyewitnesses disappear.  

This is important because police often have incorrect reports and information, especially when the person involved in the trucking accident was seriously injured or killed. You need to catch these errors before it’s too late.

Also, truck company officers should have safety procedures, protocols and training in place, but they can quite legally destroy this important evidence showing a lack of supervision and maintenance if they do not get letters to preserve evidence shortly after a serious truck crash. You want to review what is provided by these companies carefully for what is missing, as the lawyers hired by the insurance companies that in turn insure these trucking companies have already gone through them and, more often than not, important information is deliberately omitted.

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