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What judges should I vote for in Michigan this Nov. 6, 2012 election?

October 31, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

Recommendations on the best judges in Michigan for Election Day

It’s that time again.  Every two years, I get tons of calls, e-mails and texts from my clients, friends and family – sometimes as they are literally walking into the voting booths – asking who I feel is most qualified when people vote for judge.

This year, I’ll be preparing for a trial in Macomb County the next day, so I’m writing this blog instead of talking to Uncle Lou and everyone else who calls me before going to vote. Below, I’ve listed the justices and judges who I personally believe are the best candidates. Each of these judges have great reputations for being fair, smart, and respected by lawyers and judges. I help people for a living, and these are the judges and judicial candidates who are respected for protecting families and consumers.

Michigan Supreme Court
Judge Connie Marie Kelley
Judge Shelia Johnson
Bridget Mary McCormack

Wayne County Circuit Court
Judge Lawrence Talon

Oakland County Circuit Court
Judge Phyllis McMillen
Judge Denise Langford-Morris
Judge Leo Bowman
Karen McDonald

Washtenaw County Circuit Court
Carole Kuhnke
Tim Connors (I tried my first case as a first year lawyer in front of Judge Connors almost twenty years ago, and he remains one of the best judges I’ve ever practiced in front of.  Respected by both sides).

Ingham County Circuit Court
Ken Ross
James Jamo

Tuscola County Circuit Court
Amy Grace Gierhart

Van Buren Circuit Court
Matt Cooper

Southfield 46th District Court
William Seikaly

East Lansing 54B District Court
Andrea Larkin
Mark Meadows

48th District Court

Josh Arnkoff

We believe each of these judicial candidates in Michigan embodies the characteristics we want for judges and that are needed to maintain a fair and well-functioning justice system.

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 – Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by Alan Cleaver

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