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Michigan Amtrak train derailment has serious consequences for passengers

October 29, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

What injured passengers should do while the investigation ensues, and what benefits you’re entitled

Today we spoke with a man who was injured in the dramatic Amtrak train derailment that occurred on October 21, 2012 in Niles, Michigan.  The information is slowly beginning to unfold.

This is our third train accident that we have been involved with, and there are certain lessons that it holds for Michigan lawyers who are starting to receive calls from people who were injured on the train. The most important lesson is patience.  Unlike a car accident, where an investigation is performed immediately, and a UD-10 is available sometimes within hours, accident investigators are expecting that this train derailment investigation could take months. For all the people sent to the hospital and seeking medical attention, that’s a long time to wait.

According to the Detroit Free Press, it is believed the Amtrak train found its way onto the wrong set of tracks, causing the train to become unstable, missing a head-on collision with another freight train by a mere 20 feet and derailing.

While the investigation might still take months, any passengers who might have been injured should seek medical treatment immediately.  It is important to not wait too long if you’ve been hurt.

Here are some prior tips I have given from prior train accidents and derailments where we have been retained to help people injured on the train collect medical benefits and wage loss.

Train passengers injured in Jackson, Michigan crash entitled to No-Fault benefits

What medical care and insurance coverage is available for passengers in a train crash?

Is it best for injured train accident victims to collect Michigan No-Fault?

Also, traumatic events such as a train event can be confusing and even overwhelming for those involved, especially considering the little information that accident victims have.  Many medical offices will be reluctant to extend treatment. We encourage you to seek advice and clarification from an attorney as soon as possible.

To receive a free consultation and information on what your legal rights and responsibilities might be following this crash, please contact our attorneys at Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028.

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  1. I was a passenger on this train that derailed in Niles, I was not one of the ones taken to the hospital but my friend that was with me was. We did get thrown around and bruised up but nothing life threatening. I did see the report on the accident from the National Transportation Safety Board was completed on Nov 20, 2013 and the probable cause was unauthorized use of a jumper wire that provided a false proceed signal as well as inadequate oversight by Amtrak Management to ensure proper Jumper wire safeguards were employed. Just wondering what if anything we should do now that the report has been finalized.

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