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How trucking companies can destroy evidence

If you’ve been hurt  in a serious truck accident, the one thing you need to know right away is that trucking companies can quite legally destroy critical evidence.

Yes, I know that speaking with an  attorney is usually the last thing on your mind as you’re recovering from serious  injuries and trying to deal with your life being turned upside down. But a truck accident is very different from a car accident. The stakes are often higher, and the laws and regulations are very different. And it is these laws and regulations that you need to be especially concerned about.

An attorney with extensive experience with truck accident lawsuits can write a letter to protect your very important and time-sensitive rights.   If nothing else, have an attorney write the preservation of evidence letter. Truck accident victims do not know that by law, trucking companies are allowed to destroy critical evidence that can prove negligence in your case.

How could they?  Many insurance companies that insure the trucks that have caused these crashes will do their best to intentionally and quite deliberately engage with injury victims and stall out negotiations in efforts to dissuade people from talking to an attorney until it is too late, and the time to destroy evidence has passed.  And often that day is the day the trucking defense lawyers will come down, shredders in hand, to the corporate offices to destroy the log books, trip receipts, and other documents that would have been so critical to a case.  Driver log books, which could show that a trucker was driving fatigued and over his or her hours of service and other documents that would prove important safety violations are swept under the rug. Forever.


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