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Michigan Auto Law’s Spartans make donation to Motts Children’s Hospital

October 22, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

U of M beats MSU 12-10, and the Michigan Auto Law inter-office rivalry continues on!

OK, I do recognize that this blog today may have very little to do with my usual subjects, writing about auto accidents and the Michigan No-Fault law.   But as a U of M alum, I’ve had to put up with four years of “Spartan pride” here around the office.

Every year, our law offices have a somewhat friendly (although sometimes I wonder) inter-office rivalry that ends with a charity donation by the lawyers who went to the losing school to the charity of choice of the alums of the winning team.  This year, the charity donation will be made to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, in Ann Arbor Michigan.

As for me, yes, I am a big Michigan football fan.  I go to home games on Saturdays and I still do one road trip a year to an away game with my college roommates and friends.  This past January, I was in New Orleans for the Michigan-Virginia Tech game.

I hate the BCS, and I believe it is ruining the entire sport. I believe college football needs at least an eight team playoff to give the top teams any incentive to play each other in the non-conference season.  I have sent exasperated emails to Dave Brandon in the past.  I continue to wonder why it took so long for the “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” – drugs, grade fixing, drunk driving/arrests, and violence to catch up to Ohio State, and why none of Urban Meyer’s similar sordid escapades at Florida have yet to catch up with him.

I do my best to gently persuade my wonderful and beautiful children to grow up to be Michigan fans like their daddy, and I overlook (for now) my daughter’s teasing me that she is a Michigan State fan like her mother.

I love the direction that Brady Hoke is taking the program.  Brady proves that you can have both an ethical football program and that you can still recruit lights out.  I also love that the Michigan defense is not playing defense like mincing Frenchmen anymore, and that any talk about Michigan going “soft” is already forgotten after only two years under Hoke and Mattison. As an aside, as a family we are very close to persuading my beautiful wife to finally let us adopt a dog next spring, and Hoke and Mattison, (along with Shrek and Milk Dud) are the early favorites for our future puppy’s name.

Go Blue.  Beat Ohio.

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