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Video: Michigan Supreme Court’s biased record of favoring insurance companies over consumers

October 16, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

Justices Markman and Zahra have failed to protect injured auto accident victims 100 percent of the time

The Republican majority of our Michigan Supreme Court  has sided with insurance companies — and against consumers, including seriously injured auto accident victims — 100% of the time.

Take a look:

As the video says, our current Justices Stephen Markman and Brian Zahra have sided with insurance companies over people 100 percent of the time under Michigan’s No-Fault law. And Republican candidate and former insurance industry lawyer Colleen O’Brien isn’t any better.  She actually worked to deny benefits to a cancer patient.

In every single opinion, Markman and Zahra have supported the deep-pocketed auto insurance companies over Michigan families and injured drivers. Lawyers, judges, and law professors are deeply concerned that adding a judge like Colleen O’Brien to the Court would cement its relationship with Michigan’s auto insurance industry.

As our lawyers have said before, this  election on Nov. 6 is so important. Your vote will determine the political makeup of this Court and its justices, who are the most powerful elected officials in Michigan. These justices hold the strings to your future right if you are ever injured, need to file an insurance claim, and even to your  most basic civil rights.

A Michigan Supreme Court that looks out for children and families, not corporate special interests, is what we need. That’s why we need to support Judge Connie Marie Kelley, Judge Shelia Johnson and Bridget Mary McCormack. Here’s a blog with information on these three candidates, and how they can help you.

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