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AT&T Don’t Text While Driving video

September 24, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

Hat tip to AT&T for its video on texting while driving.  It sends a powerful message.  I know many of you have now seen this commercial (see below) that’s been running on television lately. It features a young man with a serious traumatic brain injury. He is in physical therapy and it’s clear that it is very difficult for him to move to do simple tasks, and to speak. He even says that some days he just wants to give up. This man tells us that his injury is from a car accident and we learn the crash was due to his texting and driving.

He reminds us that no text is worth your brain, or  your life.

His story is part of a 10-minute documentary sponsored by AT&T. You will see more of the story about the young man with TBI. You will also hear from a teen who killed someone in a texting while driving car crash, from the family of a teen who was killed by someone who was texting while driving a car, and from a police officer who found the teen dead at the scene. All of these stories are of serious pain and loss.These people are sharing their tragic experiences to protect us all.  Hopefully this message will help save lives and prevent more of these tragic car accidents from texting while driving from occurring.

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