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What's really under that motorcycle helmet

I came across this great piece of motorcycle helmet art in a Cycle World column: Helmets make riding motorcycles safer. Hello.

Kudos to GOOD marketing. This piece really illustrates how fragile our heads and brains are, especially considering the physics of what happenswhenever someone suffers a brain injury in a motorcycle accident.

According to the Cycle World article, only 19 states (and the District of Columbia) currently require motorcycle helmets. The remaining states having helmet laws based on rider age.

But as this picture shows, and it should be plain enough to see, helmets save lives.

Motorcycle helmets protect your brain.  People can be seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in any state, and traumatic brain injury is one of the most prevalent injuries that people suffer in motorcycle crashes.

Please, wear your motorcycle helmets, even if in Michigan our Legislature and governor  don’t care enough about you – and your brain – to require it.

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