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Snyder’s motives in repealing motorcycle helmet law questionable

September 14, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

I came across another great column about Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law repeal and what a colossal mistake Gov. Snyder has made in signing it:

Snyder’s motives in repealing motorcycle helmet law questionable.

This article is from annarbor.com, and was written by Tom Watkins. Tom is a former state mental health director, state superintendent of schools and is currently a U.S./China consultant.

I’ve written several times before about this topic. But as reports and statistics reveal as time passes following the helmet repeal, it’s clear that more motorcyclists without helmets are becoming seriously injured or killed.

Many may wonder why in the world Snyder would be on board with the helmet law repeal.  Common sense and data all say that helmets save lives, period. We’ve read that Snyder wanted to repeal Michigan’s nearly 40-year-old helmet requirement because of pressure from the motorcycle lobby; motorcyclist groups that ironically push for more lax safety laws. We’ve also read that Snyder caved to pressure from the liquor lobby, aiming to sell more booze and attract more tourists on motorcycles.

Watkins says:

“Did the governor gladly sign the helmet repeal law today for another vote on a controversial piece of legislation tomorrow? Would the governor be so crass as to play, “let’s make a deal,” a good old-fashioned political horse trade?

Would he? Certainly he would not be the first politician to trade good politics for bad public policy. But clearly, the signing of this bill might make a reasonable person question his motives.”

As more and more of our Michigan motorcyclists die in accidents due to not wearing helmets, it’s time for us all to question Snyder’s motives.

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