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Insurance company rules

September 13, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

Insurance Company Rules are alive and well in America today.

The game is even more rigged (if that’s even possible to imagine) in states like Michigan, where auto insurance companies make some of the highest profit margins in the nation. They also don’t have to worry about “pesky” laws like insurance bad faith, punitive damages for egregious conduct, or even a Michigan Consumer Protection Act that can apply to curb insurance company misconduct.

Of course, record profits then gets translated back as big campaign contributions by the same insurance companies to the Michigan Supreme Court and to others running for political office.  This, in turn, causes a further dismantling of the laws meant to protect normal people when insurance companies break promises and refuse to payout on valid and owing claims.

This video is funny, but it is also a powerful statement of how auto insurance companies (especially those in Michigan) treat policyholders they way they want, with no regard for their well-being. And without bad faith laws, or punitive damages, Michigan insurance lawyers are left without the tools that can change behavior.  Yes, I can sue and I can win the individual battles for the people I am charged with the responsibility of helping, but on the macroeconomic level, the insurance companies are very clearly winning the war.

Unfortunately, there are rules and there are insurance company rules. Insurance companies make the rules up as they go, often by cutting off the No-Fault benefits of seriously injured auto accident victims for a bigger bottom line.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Read this post on recent decisions from the Michigan Supreme Court dismantling protections on No-Fault attendant care and other recent cases where the insurance companies win and ordinary citizens lose. Then tell me if money is not corrupting the very protections that Michigan citizens desperately need today.

–    Steve Gursten is an experienced insurance lawyer at Michigan Auto Law, Michigan’s largest law firm specializing in serious automobile accidents. Steve wrote the book, Guide to Michigan No-Fault Law.

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