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Safe travels home on Memorial Day 2012

May 28, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. As the weekend winds down, our accident attorneys want to share a few interesting Memorial Day 2012 statistics from AAA Michigan.

According to AAA Michigan and a Detroit Free Press story called AAA predicts more Michigan travelers over holiday weekend:

  • 1.2 percent more Michigan residents traveled over the holiday weekend.
  • About 1.1 million people were predicted to travel 50 miles or more.
  • 91 percent of these travelers were predicted to drive an average distance of 642 miles.
  • 30.7 million Americans were predicted to travel on a road trip this weekend.

Due to an improving economy, AAA Michigan is predicting a 2 percent to 3 percent boost in travel this summer.

With more summer road trips, please remember that Click It or Ticket started this month. Click It or Ticket is a seat belt enforcement campaign by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. From May 21 to June 3, law enforcement throughout Michigan will be cracking down on drivers who aren’t wearing their seat belts in efforts to increase safety belt usage.

So please remember, this month and always, drive safely and buckle up!

Steven Gursten is an accident lawyer and head of Michigan Auto Law. He president of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association. Steve frequently writes and speaks on safe driving and Michigan auto laws, and is available for comment.

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