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How a truck accident victim prevailed after his insurance company refused to pay the bills

March 31, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

A real client’s story on how his lawyer helped him get his medical bills paid after a terrible truck crash

Today I’d like to share a story from a real client, Robert McPharlin. Bob was in a serious truck accident in Warren, Michigan. Mike Shaffer and Tom James were his lawyers at Michigan Auto Law who helped Bob after his truck accident.

The reason I’m sharing his story is to show the bad behavior that happens every day from insurance company adjusters in this state. Often, as in Bob’s case, insurance adjusters try to strong arm accident victims and deliberately refuse to pay No-Fault insurance benefits, such as medical expenses, hoping people will give up. In a state like Michigan that has no bad faith or punitive damages to deter this type of behavior, experienced insurance lawyers believe such conduct saves the insurance industry millions every year. It’s important to know that there are truck accident lawyers who will fight for injury victims in this all-too-common situation and help them.

We can’t help everyone, and adjusters deliberately do this on smaller claims, knowing that many people will not be able to find an insurance lawyer to help them, but Bob’s story is worth sharing. Here’s what Bob had to say about his claims experience after the truck accident:

“Michigan Auto Law is a very professional law firm, and I don’t see that in many places. I knew I needed a lawyer when I was hit by a commercial truck as I was driving on 15 mile road in my pickup truck. The truck driver was on his cell phone and never even slowed down. My truck accident lawyers were very understanding and caring and I would recommend them to anyone. Mike Shaffer made me aware that State Farm insurance was not really my friend, and it was hard for me to swallow because I’ve had the same auto insurance company since I started driving. When I started to deal with State Farm, my insurance adjuster got belligerent and downright nasty. Michigan Auto Law then took hold. Mike wouldn’t back down and neither would my other lawyer, Tom James. The way Tom handled himself was spectacular. For example, at the deposition, he didn’t let the insurance company attorney badger me. He understood the emotional trauma I was experiencing from my accident and he kept the wolves at bay. I am happy with my settlement, but the money was never the issue. All I wanted my lawyers to do was take care of my medical bills, especially because my automobile insurance company treated me so badly.”

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