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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Help Michigan brain injury lawyers and the brain injury community spread the word that TBI does not discriminate

Today marks the first day of Brain Injury Awareness Month. As lawyers who help people injured in auto accidents who have suffered brain injury, TBI is a subject that I write about often. We frequently blog about litigation tips and strategies to help victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Did you know that auto accidents are the second-leading cause of TBI in America?

A brain injury can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone, and there are many causes. An important message from Brain Injury Awareness month is that brain injuries do not discriminate. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, 1.7 million people will sustain a brain injury each year.

A brain injury that happens in an instant can cause a lifetime of physical, cognitive and behavioral challenges. As brain injury lawyers, we see it every day with the accident victims we help. But there is hope. Early access to medical care, and awareness of the symptoms and injury itself can greatly increase overall quality of life.

This month, our lawyers will honor the millions of people with brain injury by helping bring awareness to this serious medical condition. Some of the topics we will be blogging about include living with TBI, how brain injury is linked to other medical issues and how TBI affects women and professional athletes. We will also be discussing traumatic brain injury on Facebook and Twitter. And our law firm is co-sponsoring a safety awareness campaign with the Brain Injury Association of Michigan with a substantial financial contribution with your help (hint: it won’t cost you a dime).

Our lawyers understand the hardships and challenges that living with brain injury brings, and it’s our mission to help everyone: accident victims, the lawyers who take on these cases, judges, juries, and even defense lawyers and insurance companies understand what TBI means and what brain injury survivors go through.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that last part – educating defense lawyers and insurance companies about TBI isn’t always easy. But that’s why we have trials, too.

Brain injury is often called the “invisible epidemic” for several reasons. People with TBI often appear and speak “normally.” But there are complex changes occurring in their brains that bring about an array of symptoms and behavioral changes that are very difficult to cope with, especially if the brain injury survivor does not have the best doctors and brain injury lawyers who can properly advocate for them. Meanwhile, diagnostic tests like MRIs and CT scans often show “normal” results, when in fact, a person can have a severe brain injury that can worsen over time.

This month, we want to hear from people with TBI. What advice can you give other survivors and people with brain injury? What do doctors need to know to better help you? What do you want the public to know about traumatic brain injury? How can lawyers help more?

The answers to these questions are important. They will help the public better understand what it’s like to live with a brain injury and help us all to do a better job for the people we are entrusted with helping. The Brain Injury Association of America sponsors Brain Injury Awareness Month. We work very closely with the Michigan chapter, the Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI).

Brain injury facts

Meanwhile, here are a few brain injury facts:

o TBI definition: A traumatic brain injury is a blow, jolt or bump to the head, or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the normal function of the brain.

o How many have TBI: 1.7 million people (including 475,000 children) sustain TBI in the U.S. each year.

o Who will die and be injured: 52,000 people will die from brain injury. 275,000 will be hospitalized. 1.4 million people will be treated and released from an ER.

o Causes: TBI is caused by falls (35 percent), car accidents (17 percent), workplace accidents (16 percent), assaults (10 percent) and other (21 percent).

o Common TBI: About 75 percent of TBIs that occur each year are concussions or other forms of mild traumatic brain injury.

Beware: Traumatic brain injury symptoms

Here are some common brain injury symptoms. Please, don’t ignore these symptoms if you experience one or many of them simultaneously. Seek medical help immediately.

o Numbness
o Excessive drowsiness
o Severe Headache
o Weakness in your arms or legs
o Dizziness or loss of vision
o Slurred speech
o Loss of consciousness or confusion
o Vomiting or nausea

Here is more information about the cognitive and emotional symptoms of brain injury.

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