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Groundbreaking website helps you avoid auto accident hot spots can actually prevent car accidents by preparing you for a safe destination

An incredible new website is keeping motorists in Michigan and across the country safer on the roads. Sponsored by the University of Minnesota and their Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, the tools and maps at give motorists detailed information about dangerous roads and sites where the most auto accidents have occurred.

For instance, if you’re planning a trip from Grand Rapids to Detroit, you might rethink your route when you find out that the intersection you normally go through has had 20 accidents in the last 10 months. Or if you’re worried about your kids going on that spring break road trip or college campus tour, you can rest a bit easier by planning the route to avoid accident-prone roads and dangerous intersections.

SafeRoadMaps uses Google-maps and statistics from thousands of car accidents to find your specific location, desired route, or chosen destination. It also shows you how many crashes have occurred in the last eight years, how many cars were involved, and how serious the injuries were.

Users can choose among a bundle of tools, depending on exactly what they want to discover or how detailed of information they are seeking. Here are a few:

o The “My Travel” option lets you map out your route for your next road trip, or even to examine the route you take to work every morning.

o “My Community” actually allows you type in your address (and any address for that matter) to get a snapshot of the safest and most dangerous intersections around your specific location.

o And “My State” gives you a comprehensive and filterable look at incredible crash statistics from your state, including accidents in rural or urban areas, crashes resulting in fatalities, and whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

What is soon to be a must-use tool for parents and anyone trying to stay as safe as possible, has hit the spot for motorists everywhere.

As a father of two, and as an auto accident attorney for nearly 20 years, I highly recommend drivers try out this safety tool. It’s great to write an auto accident safety blog about a tool that could actually help you prevent car accidents.

Steven Gursten is a head of Michigan Auto Law and one of the top auto accident attorneys in the country. He is president of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association. Steve frequently writes and speaks on drivers safety, and is available for comment.

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