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Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super Bowl commercial about Detroit – It’s halftime in America

February 6, 2012 by Steven M. Gursten

I normally write an auto lawyers blog that discusses car accidents, truck accidents and the Michigan No-Fault Law (including in the past, some views from the legal trenches about how Chrysler has defended certain car accident injury cases). But I decided after last night to switch things up today.

In my post Super Bowl glow, I thought the Clint Eastwood commercial from Chrysler about Detroit was absolutely fantastic, and by far the best commercial in the Super Bowl.

It was a great ad to a great super bowl.

As to the game, I went to law school, lived, and worked my first job as a personal injury lawyer in New York, so I know on the inside how annoying Giants fans can be (think Yankee fans, but slightly less annoying and you get the point). As a Michigan football fanatic, however, I was very happy for Manningham, who should have won MVP with that catch. And of course as a Michigan football fan, I will always root for Tom Brady, which I guess makes me a Patriots fan by default.

What did you think of the Halftime in America commercial? Do you think it captures the spirit of Detroit, and that Detroit and Michigan really are in the “second half,” as Clint Eastwood says?

Note – I’m a bit biased here, so in my first and only act of editorial discretion (or abuse) since I’ve been writing this blog, I probably just won’t publish any negative anti-Detroit or anti-Michigan football comments.

Hope you enjoyed the ad and the Super Bowl too. Tomorrow, more on auto safety tips.

Steve Gursten is head of Michigan Auto Law, an 18 attorney personal injury law firm with offices in Detroit, and throughout Michigan. Steve is president of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association.

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