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Flint car accident lawyer highlights new crash data for Flint, Genesee County

Latest numbers show decrease in the number of auto accidents, but increase in car accident deaths

As Michigan accident lawyers, we’ve helped many people injured in auto accidents from Flint. My first motion as a baby lawyer was in Flint nearly 20 years ago, so I always think of the Genesee County Courthouse warmly. Flint is somewhat unique, a combination of urban, suburban and even a little rural.

To help keep Flint drivers safe and give residents access to information and local statistics, our lawyers have published the Flint Auto Accident Lawyer Help Center.

Residents should also be aware of newly released 2010 Traffic Crash Data from the Michigan Department of State Police and the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning. These reports highlight car accident data for every Michigan county and detail the types of roads where accidents occur.

2010 reported car accidents – Genesse County, Michigan

Here’s more local car accident information for Flint and Genesee County:

o Decrease in car accidents: Genesee County saw a slight 3 percent decrease in total traffic crashes in 2010 versus 2009.

o Most car accidents happened on local roads: About 67 percent of all Genesee County car accidents occurred on local roads.

o Fatal crashes increased: Yet the number of fatal crashes went up from 33 in 2009 to 41 in 2010 — a 24 percent increase in just one year.

Where Flint, Genesee County, Michigan car accidents occur

Of the 10,540 car crashes in Genesee County in 2010:

o 1/3 of car accidents were in Flint, Michigan

o 12 percent of car accidents were in Flint Township

o 6 percent of car accidents were in Grand Blanc Township

For additional resources including how to file a police report in Flint, visit our Flint Local Resources page.

Additional Flint, Michigan resources

Many insurance companies require customers who have been involved in a traffic crash to obtain a copy of the accident report for claims processing. If you were involved in a traffic accident within the city of Flint, the Traffic Crash Purchasing System (TCPS) offers copies of these reports for a $10 fee.

Credit card payment for the report is required prior to viewing or printing the accident report image. Click here to obtain copies of a Flint accident report.

If you were involved in a Genesee County accident, you can order an accident report online.

Auto accident client testimonial for Flint accident lawyer

Anne Juarez is from Flint and shared her experiences with our law firm below. Like many of our clients, Anne’s injuries were severe and she needed an experienced attorney who is familiar with Michigan’s No-Fault insurance laws to protect her legal rights:

“I was rear-ended and injured pretty badly. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know my no-fault rights. But when I found Michigan Auto Law, I got on the right track. They were ready and willing to help. My attorneys explained the law to me and what was going to happen. And what was really great is that if I would call, even after business hours, I would always hear back within two hours. My attorneys were really informative, easy going and made me feel really comfortable. It didn’t matter how silly I thought my question was, they were always sincere. They definitely fought for me, and helped me get medical treatment even when my automobile insurance refused to pay for it. I would tell someone in my shoes that this firm works very hard to get everything you need and deserve. They’re very helpful and compassionate.”

To read more Michigan Auto Law testimonials, visit our testimonials section. You can also take a look at our Local Resources Guide for Michigan Car Accidents to obtain valuable accident tips for any major Michigan city or Detroit suburb.

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