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Oakland County’s L. Brooks Patterson, Medical Main Street oppose HB 4936

November 19, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Hospitals, universities and medical professionals say No-Fault legislation means job loss, lowering of medical care for Oakland County Michigan

As Michigan accident attorneys, our opposition to HB 4936 is now well known. The insurance company-sponsored legislation is devastating to injured auto accident victims. Currently, Michigan has the best No-Fault insurance benefits in the nation, largely due to our lifetime medical benefits for necessary medical care, attendant care, and top- quality medical providers for serious traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury victims.

Still, the insurance lobby and republican law makers they fund want to see these important medical benefits capped, and the costs of catastrophic injuries pushed to the taxpayers when someone is catastrophically injured in an auto accident. Great for insurance companies, who will save over a hundred million dollars a year according to the Anderson Economic Group study, but terrible for the rest of us.

But it’s not just Michigan accident attorneys who are opposed to this insurance company sponsored legislation.

Here are some other groups I’ve written about who are strongly opposed to No-Fault reform:

Michigan State Medical Society

CPAN: Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault

Hope Network of Grand Rapids

Now, Oakland County Medical Main Street is speaking up. Oakland County Medical Main Street is a group of hospitals, universities, medical device firms, biopharma companies and medical professionals. This group is working hard to attract and keep heath care jobs as well as to engage in medical device production and biotechnology in Oakland County. It’s truly a cutting-edge operation, and a shot in the arm for our hurting economy, especially in metro Detroit.

A message from Oakland County Medical Main Street and the list of medical jobs at risk with No-Fault “reform”

Below is a memo from Medical Main Street to all state Legislators. I’ve highlighted some noteworthy points.

Oakland County’s Medical Main Street is opposed to the passage of House Bill 4936 and Senate Bill 649 as passage of these bills will have a severe negative impact on the health care sector in Oakland County and the Region. It will result in the loss of jobs and investment.

Medical Main Street was created to capitalize on the growth and expansion of the health care sector in Oakland County and its regional partners. Its intent is to develop a nationally recognized Center for Excellence in Health Care in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan. We are succeeding in this goal. The proposed legislation is an impediment to the continued growth of this sector.

According to a recent study by the Anderson Economic Group, these bills are estimated to eliminate 5,000 jobs in Michigan, many of them in Oakland County. It will also shift nearly $1 billion in costs associated with catastrophic coverage to the public sector. The transfer of these costs will have a lasting and direct diminishment of the health care sector in both jobs and investment.

The Medical Main Street board includes the CEOs of Beaumont Health System, Crittenton Hospital, DMC – Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, Henry Ford Health System, McLaren Health Care Corporation, SI. John Providence Health System, and St. Joseph’s Trinity Health. Its ambassadors include some of the leading pharmaceutical and device manufacturers in North America. All of whom are investing in and growing our regional economy.

Passing this legislation will have devastating consequences to the momentum Medical Main Street has built up over the last three years in the only business sector which has consistently created jobs and added investment to Michigan: Health Care! Anticipated job loss and contraction in this industry will be statewide, but specifically in Oakland County the adverse implication of this legislation include but are not limited to:

Long-Term Hospitals:
POH in Pontiac (121 jobs at risk)

Rehab Clinics:
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan in Novi (80 jobs at risk)
Lakeland Center in Southfield (120 jobs at risk)

Brain Rehab Clinics:
Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers in Farmington
Special Tree in Troy (10 jobs at risk)


Home Care Agencies:
Entech in Troy (25 jobs at risk)
Advent Home Medical in Novi
Amerisure Medical in Troy (100 jobs at risk)
Guardian Angel Home Health Care (50 jobs at risk)

This is only a short list of the nearly 10,000 jobs in Oakland County that are directly or indirectly related to care for those with catastrophic injury. Many of those with catastrophic injuries are due to automobile accidents in and around Oakland County, as well as Detroit and surrounding areas that receive treatment with providers that make up Oakland County’s Medical Main Street.

Medical Main Street joins with MHA, Michigan Nurses Association, Michigan Rehabilitation Association, MADD, and the Michigan Bar Association in asking you to vote against changing Michigan’s No-Fault law.

What you can do to help fight against HB 4936 and No-Fault “reform”

Please, call, e-mail or write your Senators and tell them how detrimental this proposed No-Fault legislation is for Michigan families.

You can find your Senator here.


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