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Speaking out and fighting for justice

October 5, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan Auto Law speaks to the Michigan Legislature on why No-Fault insurance “reform” bills will only hurt drivers and families

A Michigan Auto Law attorney recently testified at a legislative hearing on the new proposed No-Fault “reform” bills in the state capitol.

Here’s our extensive analysis on the bills on No-Fault insurance:

HB 4936: What the proposed bill will do to Michigan’s No-Fault insurance protections

HB 4936: Why I predict taking away No-Fault protections will fail to lower the price of auto insurance (again)

HB 4936: Fee schedules for doctors and hospitals in No-Fault

HB 4936: New legislation drastically reduces Michigan No-Fault attendant care benefits

HB 4936 No-Fault “reform” bill extremely punitive to motorcyclists rights

Last Thursday, a lawyer from Michigan Auto Law also spoke to the Michigan Supreme Court during the hearing on capping attorney referral fees paid to other attorneys. This does not affect attorney fees to the public, but contractual relations between attorneys. As I have previously written, as a Michigan accident attorney, I believe the proposed change to Rule 1.5 of the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct will harm the public and lower the quality of legal representation for accident victims.

I believe a change to Rule 1.5:

1. Is not necessary.

2. Seeks to (poorly) address a problem that does not even exist in Michigan.

3. Seeks to regulate the arms-length contractual agreement made between accident attorneys.

4. Significantly harms the unsuspecting public in need of legal help.

5. Significantly harms the accident victims, by creating a perverse financial disincentive for lawyers to NOT refer cases to subject matter experts, but to handle these cases themselves.

Take a look at the following two blogs on why this rule change would be detrimental to accident victims:

Proposed change to Michigan rules on lawyer referral fees is terrible for accident victims

Why proposed amendment to MRPC 1.5 hurts the public and quality of lawyer representation in personal injury and other legal matters

Our attorneys aim to protect and strengthen our laws, so we can continue to help auto accident victims the very best we can.


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