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Monroe, Michigan top 10 auto accident locations

Monroe auto accident attorney finds Front Street and Telegraph Road lead in Monroe car accidents

My first trial was in Monroe when I was a first-year baby lawyer (technically, it wasn’t a trial, since the insurance company offered its full policy limits when we started picking a jury for my client). And I always think about that when I walk into the Monroe courthouse. I’ve spent hundreds of hours helping people in Monroe, Toledo, and surrounding areas who’ve been hurt in car and mostly truck accidents from I-75 in the past 20 years.

That’s why we created the Monroe Car Accident Lawyer Resource Center to provide residents with quick access to local information.

I write this with the June 2011 report by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), showing 34 percent of all traffic crashes and nearly one-third of all fatalities occurred at intersections.

SEMCOG has also recently rolled out 2010 data on high crash intersections — and this is something that every car accident lawyer with cases in Monroe, Michigan needs to be aware of. After the Supreme Court changed the law with road defect and governmental immunity claims, this may not lead to a cause of action, but Monroe car accident attorneys may want to consider how to advise their clients in the following areas.

If nothing else, I hope by listing the top 10 auto accident intersections, we can help keep Monroe area drivers safe and prevent car accidents (if people take a little more time and extra precautions).

Highest car accident intersections in Monroe, Michigan – 2010

1. Telegraph Road South and Front Street West, 32 auto accidents

2. Cole Road and Monroe Street North, 19 auto accidents

3. Lorain Street West and Telegraph Road North, 14 auto accidents

4. 7th Street West and Telegraph Road South, 14 auto accidents

5. Elm Ave. East and Monroe Street North, 13 auto accidents

6. Telegraph Road North and Fredericks Dr., 12 auto accidents

7. Jones Ave. and Monroe Street South, 11 auto accidents

8. Elm Ave. West and Roessler Street North, 10 auto accidents

9. Elm Ave. East and Macomb Street North, 9 auto accidents

10. Monroe Street South and 3rd Street West, 9 auto accidents

Highest car accident intersections in Monroe, Michigan – Annual average for 2006-10

1. Telegraph Road South and Front Street West, 27.4 auto accidents

2. Cole Road and Monroe Street North, 18.2 auto accidents

3. Elm Avenue East and Monroe Street North, 14.6 auto accidents

4. Telegraph Road North and Lorain Street West, 13.4 auto accidents

5. Telegraph Road North and Fredericks Dr., 12.6 auto accidents

6. Telegraph Road South and 7th Street West, 11.8 auto accidents

7. Telegraph Road North and Holiday Blvd., 10.8 auto accidents

8. Elm Ave. East and Macomb Street North, 10.2 auto accidents

9. Front St West and Roessler St South, 9.6 auto accidents

10. Dixie Hwy. North and Ternes Dr, 9.4 auto accidents

As you can see from the data above, the intersection of Telegraph and Front Street has the highest amount of accidents not only last year, but is on average, the most dangerous intersection in Monroe, Michigan for the past five years. At a distant second is the area of Cole Road and Monroe Street, which leads into the downtown area.

These Monroe intersection statistics came from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning – 2010 Crash Facts. More details are available on the SEMCOG website.

Where are Monroe car accidents occurring in Michigan?

The state of Michigan also released 2010 data for all counties, detailing the types of roads where
Auto accidents occur. Monroe County saw a slight 3 percent increase in total traffic crashes in 2010 versus 2009, with about 53 percent of all crashes occurring on local roads.

Of the 3,797 crashes in Monroe County in 2010, Frenchtown Township had the highest number with 18 percent of all car accidents, followed by the city of Monroe with 17 percent and Bedford Township with 12 percent.

For additional resources including how to file a police report in Monroe, you can visit our Monroe County accident statistics and local resources page.

Whether you’re driving into the Detroit metro area to shop for the holidays or vacation at one of our state’s many beautiful destinations, take a look at our Local Resources Guide for Michigan Car Accidents to obtain valuable accident tips for any major Michigan city or suburb.

I would be curious to hear from our Monroe drivers. Why do you think these intersections have so many car accidents? Are there other intersections in the Monroe area that you feel are especially unsafe? Feel free to give our lawyers feedback, and I’ll post your comment below.

You also may visit our Michigan Dangerous Intersections page for a complete list of intersection car crashes that can be searched by any Michigan city or county, and our list of Michigan’s 2016 Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections.

And, as always, please stop speeding, avoid cell phone use and drive defensively.

Steve Gursten – is a lawyer at Michigan Auto Law, and focuses on helping people injured in auto accidents. He has received the top reported auto accident settlement in Monroe, Michigan in two of the past four years, according to Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

– Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by vedved82491

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