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Michigan accident attorney discuses motorcycle accidents, the helmet law repeal, and No-Fault “reform” on Oakland Connection

September 5, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Oakland County, Michigan residents can watch the show on public television for next several months

I was recently interviewed on Oakland Connection, which airs on public television channels across Oakland County. The host, Timothy Burns (also a very good lawyer who handles many different areas of law), asked my opinions as a Michigan accident lawyer on some possible changes in Michigan law.

We discussed the details of the proposed bills to cut Michigan No-Fault benefits, as well as the current proposal to repeal our motorcycle helmet requirement.

Here’s the full show:

As I told Tim, the insurance industry and the insurance lobby smell opportunity with all three branches of government in Republican hands, so they argue – even though No-Fault is considered by everybody as the best auto insurance in the country – that No-Fault in Michigan must be dramatically altered, because it’s still a little more expensive than it is in other states. There are of course, some very simple solutions that preserve the system and dramatically cut the costs of auto No-Fault insurance for Michiganders – but those involve regulating what insurance companies charge for No-Fault, like they are regulated in almost all other states (That proposal is dead in the water today).

I also told Tim that repealing Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law will only put our motorcyclists in danger of traumatic brain injury and death after a motorcycle accident; and burden Michigan taxpayers who will have to pay for their medical care.

There are a lot of really dangerous consequences of these proposals that are not getting out to the public.

Oakland Connection features stories concerning people, topics, and places of interest with a connection to Oakland County, Michigan. It was a great opportunity to be featured on this show, and to get the word out about how dangerous these looming legislative developments will be for Michigan residents.

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Happy Labor Day everyone.

Steven Gursten is recognized as one of the nation’s top accident attorneys handling serious auto accident cases and No-Fault insurance litigation. He writes about the importance of Michigan’s No-Fault law, and is available for comment.

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