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Michigan accident attorney on Oakland Connection public television

August 19, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Steven M. Gursten discusses the dire consequences that could come of the state’s proposed No-Fault “reform” bills and motorcycle helmet repeal


Michigan Auto Law partner and accident attorney Steven M. Gursten was interviewed on the Oakland Connection public access television show on two possible looming developments in state law.

Gursten discussed with host Timothy Burns the details of the proposed bills to cut Michigan No-Fault benefits such as medical bills, as well as the current proposal to repeal motorcycle helmet requirement.

Said Gursten, “The insurance industry and the lobby smell opportunity with all three branches of government in Republican hands, so the argument that has been made is – even though No-Fault is considered by everybody as the best in the United States – it’s still a little more expensive than it is in many other states. But there are a lot of really, really dangerous things with these proposals that are not getting out to the public.”

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