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February 22, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan injury lawyer reveals how insurance companies handle car accident, other personal injury cases

First, let’s answer the question – do you need to hire a personal injury lawyer to settle a car accident case in Michigan? The answer is no. But before you try to deal with your insurance claims adjuster, you’d do well to watch this video called “Defense lawyer versus auto insurance adjuster.” It will give you a good idea of what likely lies ahead for you when you deal with the claims adjuster on a car accident injury claim yourself.

Auto insurance claims adjusters normally tell insurance defense lawyers to string out and low-ball car accident injury victims – regardless of how serious the injuries are. Even the insurance industry’s own statistics show that cases where a car accident victim is represented by an injury lawyer will resolve (settle or trial verdict) for, on average, four times more than cases where the individual has been contacted by a claims adjuster and attempts to settle the claim himself.

And, since most insurance companies today use Colossus or other software that “calculates” the settlement value of a car accident case, an attorney who is recognized as an expert can recover far more. This four times more statistic is based upon the average of all cases where a person was represented by an injury lawyer.

Claims adjusters and trucking companies will also NEVER give you information, such as the driver’s driving record or cell phone records, that can be critical to a car accident injury claim.

If you think the video above is just an exaggeration for comic effect, read some of the comments. Many are from real insurance company claims adjusters saying, “I screw people like that every day!”

You don’t always need a Michigan injury lawyer. But it usually always makes sense to talk to one. No should charge for a phone call, and an experienced personal injury lawyer can give you important legal information, like time limits to file a claim or what your own legal rights are and what you are entitled to from your own auto insurance company.

There are also some specific situations where you definitely do need a lawyer. This week and next, I’ll be blogging on cases where you absolutely, positively do need to at least speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss why having a lawyer on your side is very important in any car accident injury case involving a legal release.

Steve Gursten is recognized as one of the nation’s top injury lawyers handling serious car accident and truck accident lawsuits. He routinely writes about insurance company abuse and the No-Fault laws in Michigan, and is available for comment.

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