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An Ann Arbor, Michigan motorcycle accident story

February 16, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Motorcycle lawyer shares testimonial from accident victim and talks about preventing motorcycle accidents – through helmet use

Even though it’s winter in Michigan, I’ve been thinking about motorcycle accidents quite a bit. To begin with, the motorcycle helmet issue is gearing up again. Representative LeBlanc introduced House Bill 4008 to repeal the motorcycle helmet law.

I have many friends and clients who are bikers. I understand the enthusiasm for this. But wearing motorcycle helmets is not a “liberty” issue. The real issue is about preventing predictable and catastrophic, motorcycle accidents – that cause traumatic brain injury – from happening. Look, we know that motorcycle accidents will happen.

And we can say, with absolute medical certainty, that the consequences to bikers hit by careless drivers will be far worse without a helmet than with one. This is a public safety issue, and that trumps the freedom and liberty argument from many of my biker pals about the right to not wear a motorcycle helmet. Remember, it’s not really about just you, but it’s the other driver who runs the red light or doesn’t check before coming into your lane.

And speaking of bad car drivers causing serious motorcycle accidents, I’d like to share a testimonial from one of our clients, Hal Baxendale, of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Hal was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident and asked to share his story:

“I was cut off when I was riding my motorcycle on Plymouth and Green in Ann Arbor. My humorus was shattered, my wrist was broken and now I have a brain injury and short-term memory loss to deal with. In rehabilitation following two surgeries, I was distraught and confused; and a volunteer told me Michigan Auto Law is the best law firm by far for motorcycle accident cases. I called and talked with Steve Gursten personally. I liked his demeanor and I felt comfortable with him. From there, the service I was provided was outstanding! My point of contact lawyer was Brandon Hewitt and it’s necessary for me to single him out. His professionalism and sincerity was top-notch. I didn’t consider myself a high maintenance client, but the times that I needed to talk to him, he made himself available and he always took his time and answered all of my questions in detail. Whether it was my experience working at a Big 4 CPA firm or as a production manager at Ford, I have worked with a number of people at various levels. I was very impressed with Brandon, who settled my motorcycle accident lawsuit with very favorable results. My family and I felt we were in good hands with him and Michigan Auto Law.”

– Hal Baxendale, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I’d like to caution motorcycle riders this week if you decide to take your bike outside. Temperatures will be warmer (about time, too), but there is still a lot of ice and snow out there. If you ride now, you risk putting yourself in danger. My advice – spring will be here shortly.

Steven M. Gursten heads Michigan Auto Law. He received the highest motorcycle accident settlement in Michigan last year, according to Michigan Lawyers Weekly. He is recognized as one of the nation’s top motorcycle lawyers. Steve has spoken at trial seminars on motorcycle accident lawsuits, and is available for comment on Michigan’s motorcycle accident laws and personal injury cases.

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