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No-Fault insurance lawyer’s open letter to Michigan Insurance Commissioner Ken Ross

February 9, 2011 by Steven M. Gursten

Calls for stop to fraudulent scheme in Daimler Chrysler Ins. Co.’s auto No-Fault insurance policies, part 1

Dear Michigan Insurance Commissioner Ken Ross:

I am writing this letter to you because I believe Daimler Chrysler Insurance Company (DCIC) is providing an auto No-Fault insurance policy that’s completely worthless and in no way protects its innocent policy holders. Sadly, these policy holders are not learning about these dangers until after its too late – until after a serious auto accident has occurred and No-Fault benefits become necessary.

Here’s what’s happening: Instead of protecting innocent policy holders – who happen to be Daimler Chrysler employees and retirees that are actually required to purchase insurance coverage through Daimler Chrysler Insurance Company – the auto insurance policy contains fine print that names the “insured person” in the policy as the Daimler Chrysler Corporation.

This means that when a Daimler Chrysler Insurance Company policy holder gets injured in a car accident, he or she is not protected and is not covered with No-Fault insurance benefits.

As of now, the Michigan Supreme Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals have refused to act, so as a No- Fault lawyer, I am asking you, our state insurance commissioner, to protect innocent drivers. People should at least receive the auto insurance coverage they have purchased to protect themselves.

You are Michigan drivers’ last hope to avoid being cheated by an auto insurance “scheme” currently being used by Daimler Chrysler Insurance Company that has been described as a “fraud” and a “shell game,” and for providing No-Fault coverage that is “wholly illusory.”

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Both the Michigan Supreme Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals have refused to condemn the “scheme” and, thus, by those courts’ inaction, innocent Michigan drivers remain vulnerable.

You, Mr. Ross, as Michigan’s insurance commissioner, are charged with the power power to change this. Under Michigan’s No-fault insurance laws, Michigan’s insurance commissioner has the power to prohibit policies that “contain inconsistent, ambiguous, or misleading clauses, or contains exceptions and conditions that unreasonably or deceptively affect the risk purported to be assumed in the general coverage of the policy.” (MCL 500.2236(5))

The auto insurance policy being foisted on participants in Daimler Chrysler’s employee/retiree lease program, by Daimler Chrysler Insurance Company, is such a policy.

It “misleads” and “deceives” “insureds” into dutifully paying hard-earned premium dollars for No-Fault and liability coverage they will likely never receive because the policy is rigged with a built-in excuse for denying such claims.

Mr. Ross, you have previously exercised your regulatory powers under Michigan’s insurance law to stamp out the unscrupulous actions of Michigan auto insurance companies when the Michigan Supreme Court has failed to protect Michigan drivers.

The unscrupulous actions employed by Daimler Chrysler Insurance Company must be stopped, not only for the sake of innocent DCIC “insureds” who are being victimized and taken complete advantage of, but for the sake of all Michigan drivers.

That’s because if DCIC is allowed to get away with cheating its “insureds” by selling them “wholly illusory” coverage, then what is to stop other Michigan auto insurance companies from doing the same thing to their insureds?

Tomorrow, our No-Fault insurance lawyers will post the second half of this open letter to Michigan Insurance Commission Ken Ross.

Steve Gursten is recognized as one of the nation’s top No-Fault insurance lawyers handling serious car accident and truck accident lawsuits. He routinely writes about insurance company abuse and the No-Fault laws in Michigan, and is available for comment.

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