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Auto accident victim reaches out about insurance medical examiner (IME) abuse

December 8, 2010 by Steven M. Gursten

“Hopefully…. insurance companies get hit hard for this abuse”

An auto accident victim named “Aron” contacted me about one of my many blog posts on insurance company IME doctors ruining Michigan’s No-Fault insurance system. Aron told me that he’s unfortunately experiencing exactly what I wrote about.

Here’s what he said:


My wife actually told me to read this because she was at work and saw this post and called me right away and said, “You have to read this article, this is exactly what we are going through right now with our insurance.” After reading this, it sounds like my situation exactly. It truly is on the brink of ruining a lot of things for my family since my disabilities are very real and the IME’s (gone four times to them now) are saying it’s okay to go back to work. Unreal how this is possible. Hopefully it comes full circle and the insurance companies get hit hard for this abuse.

I’m so sorry this is happening to Aron. Unfortunately, as a No-Fault insurance attorney, I see this happen time and time again to seriously injured auto accident victims with valid insurance claims. See, while our system of No-Fault benefits sounds great in theory, the harsh reality is many accident victims find themselves in a situation like Aron’s, where aggressive insurance companies cut off their insurance benefits for no good reason. Typically, these cut-offs stem from a 10 or 15 minute exam by an IME doctor that was chosen by an auto insurance company.

These “second opinion” exams are particularly exasperating for car accident victims, who have devastating personal injuries, but soon find their No-Fault benefits halted after the brief examination by a doctor they are told they must see by their insurance claims adjuster.

Until Michigan adopts bad faith laws to protect against IME abuse – and to regulate obscene insurance company profits – good people like Aron will continue to have their No-Fault benefits halted by dishonest insurance medical examiners.

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One Reply to “Auto accident victim reaches out about insurance medical examiner (IME) abuse”

  1. I wanted to comment on 2nd opinions. I was involved in a traffic accident in Virginia on 07/2008. It wasn’t my fault. I immediately began having vision problems in addition to neck and back pain. The neck and back issues were treated and resolved in 01/2009. To make a long story short…I had an eye operation in 05/2010. Because of the damage to the eye muscle caused by the accident. After several months my surgeon determined that I need an operation on the other eye to complete my eye alignment, the operations were successful and I now see as good as ever.

    My point is, that the other insurance company requested a 2nd opinion in 07/2011, not for my eye, but for the neck and back issues that were resolved 2 1/2 years earlier.

    They have never requested a 2nd opinion for my visions problems that were corrrected by the second surgery in 07/2011.

    It doesn’t make sense.

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