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The 10 most dangerous intersections for auto accidents in Monroe, Michigan

Car accident lawyer says Huron Street and Telegraph have the highest number of crashes, and warns drivers of treacherous roads

I spend a lot of time in Monroe, Michigan. There’s a lot of truck traffic coming from and going to Toledo through Monroe, and earlier this year, I wrote about a serious Monroe motorcycle accident case that almost went to trial before the insurance company for the Defendant decided to settle. In short, there’s a lot of congestion and car accidents in Monroe, probably far more than most people would ordinarily think. Plus, there’s the outlet off of I-75and US-23 shoots through Monroe County. Oh, and did I mention the construction lately?

Our lawyers have handled many car accident cases in the Monroe area. That’s why we’re sharing these dangerous intersections and roads with you. I would suggest taking extra precautions near the following areas, and as always, stop speeding, avoid cell phone use and drive defensively.

Highest car accident intersections in the city of Monroe, Michigan for 2009

1. Cole Road and Monroe Street North, 29 auto accidents

2. Custer Road South and Telegraph Road South, 22 auto accidents

3. Front Street East and Monroe Street South, 20 auto accidents

4. Elm Ave. East and Monroe Street North, 17 auto accidents

5. Lorain St. West and Telegraph Road North, 16 auto accidents

6. Dixie Highway North and Ternes Dr., 12 auto accidents

7. Holiday Blvd. and Telegraph Road North, 10 auto accidents

8. Elm Ave. West and Roessler Street North, 10 auto accidents

9. Front Street West and Roessler St. South, 9 auto accidents

10. 7th Street West and Telegraph Road South, 9 auto accidents

Monroe County roads that have the most 2009 car crashes

1. Telegraph Road North, from Custer Drive to Stewart Road, 130 car accidents

2. Stewart Road, from Telegraph Road North to Monroe Street North, 46 car accidents

3. Monroe Street North, from Noble Street East to Stewart Road, 28 car accidents

4. Dixie Hwy. North, from Detroit Street Ramp to Dixie/I-75 South, 22 car accidents

5. Custer Road South, from Patterson Drive to Telegraph Road South, 18 car accidents

6. Elm Avenue West, from Roessler Street North to Monroe St. North, 18 car accidents

7. Telegraph Road South, from Custer Road South to Telegraph North, 16 car accidents

8. Monroe Street North, from Monroe Street South to Noble Street East, 16 car accidents

9. Custer Road North, from Raisinville Road South to Custer Drive, 15 car accidents

10. Dixie Hwy. South, from Dunbar Road East to Jones Ave., 14 car accidents

These Monroe auto accident statistics came from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning – 2009 Crash Facts. More details are available on the SEMCOG website. For more information on other major cities in Michigan, take a look at our Local Resources Guide for Michigan Car Accidents.

To help avoid car accidents in Monroe, here’s a list of safe driving tips. You can also print this handy auto accident scene checklist and keep it in your glove box, so you are prepared in case of a car crash.

If you’ve been in an accident at one of these intersections, or want to point out an additional intersection in the area that’s unsafe, feel free to give our Monroe lawyers feedback by posting a comment below.

You also may visit our Michigan Dangerous Intersections page for a complete list of intersection car crashes that can be searched by any Michigan city or county, and our list of Michigan’s 2016 Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections.

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