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A World without Lawyers

November 4, 2010 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan personal injury lawyer reminds us how accident attorneys have made our society more safe and more free

It’s fashionable to bash personal injury lawyers these days, in large part due to the millions of dollars being spent by the insurance industry and auto insurance companies. Here’s a great video I found that reminds us all of the good that trial lawyers do in protecting society – from exploding Pintos to civil rights to out-of-service trucks barreling down our roads.

People forget that plaintiff lawyers represent people, and as this video shows, we’ve had a profound impact protecting our society and making it more safe and more free.

A World Without Lawyers

This video is by our fellow personal injury lawyers, the Consumer Attorneys of California. They’re a trade association representing plaintiffs lawyers.

Here’s the video transcript:
“Some people think the world would be great without lawyers. But would it? Before lawyers… conflicts were resolved in the streets. What would the world be like if there were no legal consequences for doing harm? History has seen some good lawyers in fact, and in film. Lawyers fight for your rights – forcing those who do wrong to take responsibility for their actions. What happens when companies have no consequences for their actions? See for yourself.

Attorneys are fighting for YOU. Fighting for limits on oil spill liability and limits on medical malpractice. In California, the law has limited medical malpractice damages to $250,000 since 1975. $250,000 then equals $1 million now. Yet the law hasn’t changed. So when a little girl like Delaney Gonzalez, 16 months old, died after a series of medical mistakes, her life was worth $250,000.

Attorneys’ efforts have earned them enemies. These companies are spending big money trying to undermine the civil justice system with half-truths and bad jokes. The truth is, personal injury lawsuits are down in the last decade 24 percent, and damages awards fell 18 percent. In short, there’s no lawsuit “explosion.” And “frivolous” lawsuits? They’re few, far between, and any lawsuit lacking merit is quickly thrown out. So talk of frivolous lawsuits… is frivolous.

But there IS a real need for lawyers to defend the thousands of victims of elder abuse. Attorneys fought to expose decades of hidden sexual abuse. They’ve fought for equal rights in schools and the executive suite. It took attorneys to reveal that manufacturers were hiding dangers of asbestos and tobacco. So maybe the world IS better with lawyers…Maybe all of us don’t realize it until we need one.”

Steve Gursten is recognized as one of the nation’s top personal injury lawyers handling serious car and truck accident lawsuits and auto insurance No-Fault litigation. Steve speaks and writes extensively on Michigan’s No-Fault laws and is available for comment.

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