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Michigan Auto Law guest blogger: Secretary of State candidate Jocelyn Benson

September 2, 2010 by Steven M. Gursten

Benson announces plan to eliminate the driver responsibility fee and discusses how it’s unfair to Michigan drivers

The scope of my blog is on news, tips and help for auto accident victims and drivers in Michigan. Today, I’ve invited Jocelyn Benson, the Democratic candidate running for Michigan Secretary of State to guest blog about an important idea for Michigan drivers. Professor Benson is an attorney who lives in Detroit. She has been an advocate for efficient and transparent government.

Jocelyn Benson is currently a law professor at Wayne State University Law School (where I taught an advocacy class this year with Court of Appeals Judge Elizabeth Gleicher, and where I will be speaking later this month on personal injury and auto accident law to the law students). I think Professor Benson has some exciting ideas on improving service for Michigan drivers, protecting pocketbooks, and making sure that elected officials work for citizens – not corporate and special interests.

Recently, she announced her plan to eliminate the driver responsibility fee that’s currently imposed by the Michigan Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is primarily responsible for collecting the fee, which has been widely criticized by judges, legislators and taxpayers.

Jocelyn wants people to know the driver responsibility fee is discriminatory and oppressive, and it has harmed residents throughout our state. She was quoted saying, “From Cheboygan, to Charlevoix, to Muskegon to Detroit, I’ve heard painful stories of residents losing their jobs as a result of this fee.”

The driver responsibility fee was instituted in 2004 to encourage drivers to operate more responsibly and help eradicate the state’s budget deficit. But instead, since passage of the fee, the number of drivers with suspended licenses has increased more than 40 percent and there has been a 26 percent increase in the number of people fleeing the scene of car accidents in Michigan. The numbers of hit and runs and people fleeing serious car accidents without insurance is even higher in larger metro areas like Detroit and Flint.

Jocelyn said this legislation has not accomplished its goals and must be replaced with more effective solutions for protecting the safety of our roads and drivers; such as possibly requiring bad drivers to attend classes to improve their habits. As a safety advocate, I think this is one of the most important ideas I’ve come across to reduce the numbers of auto accidents in this state.

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One Reply to “Michigan Auto Law guest blogger: Secretary of State candidate Jocelyn Benson”

  1. Ipray that the driver responsibility fee is repealed and shut down for many reasons but most importantly because there has been way to many people that has lost jobs due to not being able to drive to workor for work.My son had moved to Ionia Mi. to save on haveing to drive an hour and a half one way, when he decieded to move back to Owosso he had gotten into an accident on his crotch rocket, a car pulled out in front of him and slammed on his breaks to avoid running a red light, my son ended up hitting the back end of the car and went sailing over the car into the middle of the intersection ( m-21 and gould st.). My son had wittnesses stateing what happened but still he got the ticket for driving to close .At that point he also found out that he had recieved a ticket by mail for going five over in Ionia,but he had never actually recieved the ticket because he had moved and his boss never had my sons mail forworded to him.So after all was said and done my son ended up with fines, court costs,driver responsibility fees and a suspended license. Nothing was done to the guy who pulled out in front of my son or tehe boss who did not forword the mail , oh on top of all this his bike was also totaled had a fractured ankle ,scraps ,cuts,and bruises allover his body plus torn muscles in his shoulder . My son ended up losing his job and when he was healed enough to go get another job he could not get a ride and had to drive after a short time he ended up geting pulled over for a tail light out and it started all over again .Now his fees are over 7,000 dollarsand he either can not work or he has to get a ride daily ,and i know people get tired of having to drive other people around all the time. This is only one story out of many I know about . Please lets get this law repealed so our sons ,fathers , mothers and wifes can get back to work depending on themselfs instead of others.

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