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How To Try A Car Accident Case in Michigan

February 3, 2010 by Steven M. Gursten

Attorneys from Michigan Auto Law Teaching Personal Injury Lawyers at Trial Institute

Two auto attorneys from Michigan Auto Law will be volunteering to help educate Michigan personal injury lawyers from throughout the state during the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) first annual Trial Institute. The trial institute is in Southfield this week.

Faculty member Steve Gursten will speak on opening statements and cross examination of the defense “independent” medical examiner as part of the auto track. The auto track is geared toward lawyers handling truck accident and car accident cases in Michigan. There will also be an employment law and a medical malpractice track.

Bob Raitt and Steve Gursten will also be faculty for the Trial Institute, helping the students as they present opening statements, cross-examinations and closing arguments. The intensive two-day program is aimed at improving trial skills for attorneys of all levels.

The Michigan Association for Justice is an organization comprised of 2,000 consumer protection and personal injury lawyers who fight to protect working families when they are injured in auto accidents, by unsafe products, or by other peoples’ negligence.

Bob Raitt is past president of the Michigan Association for Justice. Steve, who has served for 15 years on the MAJ Executive Board, also has chaired the MAJ Automobile Accident No-Fault Committee.

Steve and Bob are Michigan Auto Law partners. They speak and volunteer extensively for legal organizations and trial lawyers – in Michigan and throughout the country.


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