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How to Find the Dirt on Dangerous Trucking Companies

Truck accident lawyer shows consumers how to discover the safety history of any motor carrier throughout the country – by using government Web site SafeStat

I currently have a client who sustained a serious traumatic brain injury and was almost killed by a trucker whose CDL was suspended — 11 times. Last year, I represented the family of a wonderful husband and father who was killed in Detroit by a fully-loaded gravel hauler with five safety violations and a driver on epilepsy medication. As a truck accident lawyer, neither case is surprising.

At least 23 percent of trucks on the road today are out of service, and that number may only be the tip of the iceberg. I’m fed up with these completely preventable truck accidents seriously injuring and killing people. As part of my efforts to raise awareness on dangerous truck companies in America, I’m providing an easy, step-by-step guide to finding unsafe motor carriers.

Below is a presentation that shows you exactly how to use SafeStat, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Web site that details the Department of Transportation’s assessment of a truck company’s regulatory compliance.

I’ve also included the presentation as part of my Truck Accident Lawyers Resource Center.

The instructions are so simple that anyone with a computer and the Internet can sit down and discover almost anything they want to know about any trucking company across the country:

* A lawyer investigating a truck accident can decipher whether a truck company has been negligent with everything from licensing, insurance, inspections and crashes.

* A truck accident victim can discover endless information about the driver and truck that caused the accident.

* Reporters covering serious auto accidents and traffic can quickly determine whether a truck company has a good safety history.

* Drivers can find which trucks to steer clear of on the roads.

* Truck drivers looking for employment can find the right companies to work for – the ones with the best safety ratings.

Those that choose to turn a blind eye to truck safety clearly pose the highest danger for causing fatal accidents. The public has a right to know about hazardous trucking companies, because their lives are on the line.

For example, my report outlines exactly how to find a truck company’s:

* Government safety rating;

* Crash history with accident particulars such as fatalities, road conditions and police documentation;

* Driver information including compliance, inspection and moving violation results, as well as out of service violations such as alcohol dependency and driving past regulated hours; and

* Truck maintenance.

There are also scores for each company in various categories, so a user can look for trends indicating deficient and unsafe carriers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets laws governing the Michigan trucking industry.

As a member of the executive board of governors representing Michigan for the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America, and immediate past president of the American Association for Justice Truck Litigation Group, I’m passionate about holding trucking companies accountable for putting dangerous trucks and unsafe drivers on the roads.

Knowing a truck company’s regulatory history and compliance is one step we can take toward preventing accidents.

Steven M. Gursten is recognized as one of the nation’s top attorneys handling serious truck accident injury cases. Steve has received the largest jury verdict for an automobile accident case in Michigan in four of the last seven years, including 2008, according to Michigan Lawyers Weekly. Recently, he was named a Michigan Lawyers Weekly Leader in the Law for his tireless efforts to hold trucking companies accountable for negligence. Steve is available for comment on SafeStat, truck accidents, automobile negligence litigation and safe driving.

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