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Michigan Lawyer’s Editorial on ‘Unclean Hands’ Attendant Care Case Sparks Praise, Debate

June 23, 2009 by Steven M. Gursten

Last week, The Oakland Press and Detroit Legal News published my letter on Johnson v. Wausau Insurance Co., a case in which an insurance company adjuster lied to save money from paying attendant care insurance benefits to the caregiver of a 10-month-old girl with traumatic brain injuries from a car accident, and got away with it. I was so outraged by this case that I felt compelled to write about it.

And I have received quite a bit of feedback. As I said, this case is truly one of the most disturbing I have ever read. In a public forum called The Courthouse Observer where my letter was posted, many people – from Michigan lawyers to Michigan residents – apparently agreed with my outrage that the Michigan Court of Appeals would protect an auto insurance company with unclean hands and punish those with catastrophic personal injuries from auto accidents — who are obviously in a vulnerable and unequal bargaining position.

For example, “Bill M” posted:
“This is the entire problem of the “free market” without oversight. The insurance companies only make money when they don’t pay on claims. They will do anything at all, including lie, to keep profits and high bonuses in the hands of their “leaders.” Greed has to be regulated or there is no possibility of democracy.

“Watcher” wrote:
“The first thing that needs criminal investigation are the judges on the panel that made the ruling. The Michigan courts are corrupt beyond reason. The truth, the law, and the Constitution do not exist in Michigan courts.”

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