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Michigan Court of Appeals ruling protects dishonest insurer instead of child with traumatic brain injury

June 17, 2009 by Steven M. Gursten

Steven M. Gursten editorializes in The Oakland Press why Johnson v. Wausau enables your auto insurance company to legally lie to you about No-Fault benefits, such as attendant care

Who is the Michigan Court of Appeals protecting? A dishonest auto insurance company, or a baby with traumatic brain injury? No-fault insurance attorney Steve Gursten discusses a Michigan Court of Appeals ruling which denied the caregiver of a baby (who was seriously injured in a car accident) attendant care benefits, even though her insurance company lied to her by insisting there were no more No-Fault benefits available.

The Court’s reasoning is that any accident victim should check out the accuracy of anything and everything an insurance claims adjuster says by consulting with a lawyer.

Here’s the editorial in The Oakland Press: Ruling protects auto insurer instead of child with brain injury


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