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Michigan Court of Appeals decision allows No-Fault insurers to get away with lying

April 12, 2009 by Steven M. Gursten

Insurance attorney editorializes about “one of the most disturbing” attendant care cases, Johnson v. Wausau, which creates dangerous public policy for auto accident victims

Insurance attorney Steve Gursten writes an editorial for the Detroit Legal News about a Michigan Court of Appeals ruling regarding  attendant care benefits called Johnson v. Wausau. In Johnson, the court denied a child (who sustained serious traumatic brain injury in a car accident) attendant care, even though her insurance company lied to her caregiver by insisting there were no more No-Fault benefits available.

The Court’s reasoning was that auto any accident victim should check out the accuracy of everything an insurance claims adjuster says by consulting with a lawyer.  Gursten says because of Johnson v. Wausau, insurance adjusters are now legally allowed to lie to their customers about what benefits are available following car accidents.

Take a look at the full editorial in the Detroit Legal News: Michigan Court of Appeals decision allows insurers to get away with lying

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