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Gov. Asks Michigan Auto Insurance Companies to Cap Rates — Greed Takes Precedence

March 31, 2009 by Steven M. Gursten

Most Michigan automobile insurance companies should be ashamed of themselves. Since they are making record-breaking profits from personal injury protection (PIP) cases while Michigan struggles through a financial crisis, Gov. Jennifer Granholm asked local insurance companies in her 2009 State of the State Address on Feb. 3 to cap their rates just for a year, while the Legislature works to enact comprehensive insurance reform. Sadly, the no-fault insurance attorneys of Michigan Auto Law are not surprised by the response. Most large insurance companies, including AAA, State Farm, Farm Bureau, and Allstate, WOULD NOT abide by Granholm’s request. The “bad list” of Michigan auto insurance companies includes:

* Allstate Insurance Company,
* Auto Club Insurance Association,
* Farm Bureau General Insurance Company of Michigan,
* Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company,
* Home-Owners Insurance Company,
* MIC General Insurance Corporation,
* Progressive Michigan Insurance Company,
* State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company,
* Titan Insurance Company, and
* Nearly 100 smaller car insurance companies.

Michigan residents are already paying some of the highest insurance rates in America, and these big players are among the most profitable in the entire nation. Now Michigan drivers, amid a worsening economy, must be prepared to pay more for their auto insurance protections. Many may opt to let it go because they simply cannot afford it; leaving themselves unprotected in case of a car crash. Meanwhile, rates will continue to climb, even though pay-outs to people injured in automobile accidents have dropped dramatically because of the devastating Kreiner v. Fischer decision.

On Thursday, I will post a blog listing every single Michigan auto insurance company that refused to cap rates. Shame on them.

Kudos to the Good Michigan Auto Insurance Companies

Granholm contended Michigan drivers need choices that people in other states have: Solid coverage with fair and affordable rates. Obviously, the said insurance companies are not for the security and safety of Michigan drivers as much as they are out to make a buck. Still, there are a handful of insurance companies that did agree to cap their rates. The “good list” of Michigan automobile insurance companies includes:

* American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida,
* American International South Insurance Company,
* American Reliable Insurance,
* Electric Insurance Company,
* Essentia Insurance Company,
* Great Lakes Casualty Insurance Company,
* IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company,
* Liberty Mutual Insurance Company,
* Merchants Mutual Insurance Company,
* Meritplan Insurance Company,
* Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company, and
* Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company

Our no-fault insurance attorneys sincerely thank these insurance companies for recognizing the hardship Michigan drivers are currently experiencing, and trying to help their clients like Granholm suggested.

We are also working to make insurance companies in Michigan more accountable, and to help car accident and truck victims get the help they need. We’ll be happy to review your no-fault insurance coverage and make recommendations, so you are protected in case of a tragic accident. To request a free, no obligation case evaluation from an expert insurance attorney, please fill out our consultation form and we will respond to your inquiry within one business day. Or to speak to an attorney immediately, please call (800) 777-0028.

Steve Gursten is recognized as one of the nation’s top attorneys handling serious car and truck accident injury cases and automobile insurance no-fault litigation. Steve has received the largest jury verdict for an automobile accident case in Michigan in four of the past seven years, including 2008.

— Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by Muffet

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